I’m just sitting on the train trying to get done as much as I can so that my day is going to be easier towards the end. I feel a bit stressed because of things that I did not do, things I should have done (earlier).

The thing is this. Of course, we can be fearing the future and hate the past but what is the point in that? What is the point in making your life worse synthetically? Living in the present indeed changes things.

I looked outside the window and thought: “ Well, I have everything I need. Food, a job (basically), people around me, a goal… “ I seem to have everything but seel feel sad and bad and mad quite often. Also due to a recent breakup, I believe. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for this. Amor Fati, love faith, love your faith.

Think about the present a bit more.

Originally published at http://christopherwalch.wordpress.com on September 8, 2020.

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